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Welcome to All in Shipping Sweden AB

All in Shipping Sweden AB

is a company that is domiciled in Helsingborg whose business concept is:"as an independent local logistic partner meet the requirement of overall solutions with the Global Transport".

The following is some example of what we can offer to our customers.

  • Total transport solutions by Sea or Air in accordance with the requirements of the customer from door - door worldwide. The best shipping alternatives, taken into account freight costs, transit times and environmental influence.
  • Distribution of Consolidated cargo from a terminal in Gothenburg to final receivers located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. (See more info under heading "Services").
  • Loading or discharge of containers in a terminal in Helsingborg, Gothenburg and other locations in Sweden. We pick up or deliver the cargo by Truck upon the request from the Customer.
  • Domestic transports with Truck and or Rail.
  • Airfreight.
  • Through a network with partners globally we can upon request arrange service to our customers also after the cargo arrives at the destination port. The same set up could also be arranged on import cargo. (See more info under heading "Services").
  • Custom Clearance.
  • Transport insurance, we are an Agent to the large Swedish Insurance Company, If.
  • Shipping documentation.
  • We offer service to/from all Swedish ports and also accept "cross bookings".

Come to us with your shipping inquires and we will revert with our "All in Shipping" solutions.


All in Shipping Sweden AB. Illustrations of what we can offer to our customers

Total transportsolutions

All in Shipping Sweden AB offers total transport solutions worldwide via Sea, Air and Motor. Best shipping alternative in regards to freight costs, transit time and environmental influence: North-/Central Europe/ Mediterranean / Africa / Arab Gulf / Red Sea / India / Pakistan / South East Asia / China / North East Asia / Oceania / North America / Central America /

Stuffing and Stripping in Terminal in Gothenburg

Via a partner we can arrange a complete domestic service on import consolidated containers to Gothenburg. We can arrange

  • haulage from the port of loaded units to the stripping terminal in Gothenburg.
  • Stripping of Consolidated units.
  • Duty-Free storage.
  • Custom Clearance.
  • Distribution to destinations in Sweden, located up to 200 km from Gothenburg.
  • Distribution to destinations in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

For export shipments we can arrange pick up by truck and domestic transport to the terminal in Gothenburg from where we can arrange stuffing/securing of the cargo in containers. We of cause also have a total transport solution available to the final receiver worldwide (see under "total transportsolutions" - above).

Stuffing and Stripping in Terminals

All in Shipping Sweden AB have several partners in all major ports in Sweden that offers Stuffing and Stripping of cargo in containers. We can pick up the cargo conventionally at the suppliers Warehouse arrange stuffing and lashing in Containers and finally deliver the container in the port terminal. Similar set up could be arranged on import cargo. Network of Partners
All in Shipping Sweden AB is the Swedish representative of the international Network "Freight International Group (FIG)" a global alliance of some of the best freight forwarders and customs brokers in the world extending to more than 90 countries.

Custom Declarations

All in Shipping Sweden AB can offer our customers all required Custom documents for export as well as import deliveries.

Transport Insurance

All in Shipping Sweden AB is acting as agent for the Swedish Insurance company, If.

Shipping documents

All in Shipping Sweden AB offers requested service to complete the required Shipping Documents.

Speciality: Eastmed, Mid East and Africa

All in Shipping Sweden AB has long experience of shipments to various destinations in Eastmed, Mid East and Africa. Requirements by the receiving ports on Documentation are quite extensive and require knowledge in order to avoid that the cargo is unnecessary delayed and that the goods must be delivered safety.


We offer service to/from all Swedish ports and we also accept "third country bookings" bookings.


The Company

All in Shipping Sweden AB put the customer in the centre and are therefore choosing logistical solutions that meet the requirements from the customers, such as Freight Rates / Transit times / Freequency / Environment / and other importand demands.

Business idea

All in Shipping Sweden AB is a company that is located in Helsingborg, whose business concept is "as an independent local logistic partner meet the requirements of the market with overall solutions of Global Transport incl. (Freight costs/ Loading/Discharging/Custom Clearance/Transport Insurance/Inland Transport by motor and rail/Documentation etc)".


Mats Wieden, the General Manager of the Company, has over 40 years Shipping experience and is well known in the trade.
He started his Shipping Career in 1973 with the Nordic agent of the former US Shipping company Seatrain Inc. After some years Mats Wieden was appointed as Pricing Manager for Scandinavia and Finland.
Mats has thereafter worked in Marketing and Sales functions for the following global Shipping Lines, United States Lines, CMA CGM, Delmas and others. Mats has established a wide network with colleagues and customers both national and international. In January 2010 Mats started up a Shipping company, All in Shipping Sweden AB together with his wife, Marianne.
The business concept of the Company is " as an independent local logistic partner meet the requirements of overall solutions within Global Transport".



Mats Wieden

Mats Wieden, CEO
Responsible for marketing/sales, documentation, operation.

Marianne Wieden
responsible for Administration



All in Shipping Sweden AB has recently moved to a new office located in the Harbour Building.

Mats Wieden

Visiting- and Mail address:
Oceangatan 3
SE-252 25 Helsingborg
Phone: + 46 (0) 42 13 13 15
Mobile: + 46 (0) 76 01707511

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